Beef Curry Udon Recipe

Beef Curry Udon Recipe

A great beef curry recipe to try !
Beef Curry Recipe Ingredients :

* 400gram sanuki udon (ready to cook)
* 600ml water
* 1tbsp granulated dashi
* 2tbsp soy sauce
* 1tbsp sugar
* 1 small size carrot, cut into bite-size
* 1 small size potato, cut into bite-size
* 1 small size eggplant, cut into bite-size
* 50gram forerib/rolled backrib, thinly slices.
* 40gram Japanese curry block
* ½tbsp cornstarch dilute into 1tbsp water

Beef Curry Recipe INSTRUCTIONS
1. Pour water into pot, add dashi, soy sauce, boil it.
2. Add carrot, potato, eggplant and cook for 3 minutes, take any scum out.
3. Add beef and curry block, stir thoroughly
4. Add maizena, stir well, turn of the heat.
5. Boil udon, drain it, put in a bowl and pour the curry soup, garnish with negi/green onion.
6. The beef curry recipe is ready to serve for 2 people....nice and hot !! Enjoy !